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Grow your market share on across multiple platforms with Chatcat. Get users on the web as well as on their mobiles with our completely unique product.

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    Piano Keyboard for iOS

    High-performance code for multi-touch piano keyboard for iPhone and iPad. This MIDI enabled keyboard is ready to plug straight in to your App.

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  • Free+

    Chat - Messaging SDK for iOS

    Fully featured customizable Objective-C framework to display and manage message based conversations - similar to Whats App or Messages. Quickly add text, picture and location based messaging functionality to your app.

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  • $69.99+

    Midi Animation Starter Kit for iOS

    A starter kit and PDF tutorial that demonstrates and explains how to load, parse and play multi-instrument MIDI files in iOS, and how to create a real-time animation based on the MIDI notes.

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  • I am an app developer with 15 live apps on the App Store and one that made it to #8 Overall in the U.S. App Store and made it to #1 in various countries around the world. I'm serious about making apps and have spent thousands of dollars buying source code. I know my way around source code and the more I buy, regardless of how cheap or expensive the code, the more I realize it's a coin toss that the source code will actually be as good as you hoped. There's a lot of bad source code being sold out there on various sites that's full of bugs with sellers who have no idea how to fix the code and you end up either wasting money or wasting time. I never expect code to be 100% perfect because people are human and since the sellers / developers don't have every possible device made, in order to test the code, it's easy to miss things here or there. However, what I do expect is that the person selling the code stands behind their code and when problems are pointed out, they don't get defensive and make excuses. Too many times the bad developers blame their bad code on the buyer for not following directions. Those excuses never work on me because I can go through the code and tell them exactly where the problem is and why it's not working. Buying the Chat SDK project from BinPress & DComponents is one of the best experiences I've had with buying code! Ever!! The first thing that stood out was the fact that Ben, the developer, was answering all of the questions on the comments section professionally and clearly. A lot of time you get these angry, testy developers that think their code is flawless and how dare you question anything. With Ben it seemed like he had a cool confidence in what he was selling but also understood there can always be room for improvements and was willing to listen. I contacted him to get the beta version of the Chat SDK app that he had on Test Flight. Once I got everything up and running on my iPhone 5s running iOS 7.0.4, I noticed that the app crashed doing certain tasks. I contacted Ben and he offered to go over the issues with me on Skype. There were no issues with iOS 7.1.1 but I hadn't upgraded yet. After a few minutes, he quickly figured out the problem, fixed it, and had the new version uploaded while we were still chatting. Now that's somebody who knows his stuff! Ben get's the highest marks possible for knowledge and professionalism. Oh and one thing I forgot to mention... we did all of this BEFORE I even bought the code. Somebody who takes that much pride in his code is gold in my book. I was completely sold. As for the code itself, it's as smooth as butter over hot fluffy pancakes. It opens up in Xcode 5.1 with zero Issues and compiles to iOS 7.1 with no errors or warnings. Ahhh... that's nice. Chat Apps are already big but Whatsapp selling for billions of dollars is making this sector even hotter and I think this is the best chat source code out there and I've looked everywhere. I'm looking forward to seeing all the awesome things I can do with this code. The good part is knowing you have a great developer like Ben standing behind it. I hope this was helpful to those who are thinking about buying. I think it's definitely worth it. As soon as I make my 1st project with the code, I'll make sure to post it here. In the meantime, if you want to ask me anything specific that I didn't cover here, hit me on Twitter @GregStorm.

    G Gregory
  • Excellent Product. Quick responsive response from Developers. Highly recommend it. K

    TK Tefera Kebede
  • This app setting is very easy with no errors. There is also flexibility in the app design. Your many plans will be realizable. If you have any problems, let's consult Ben. He will surely help you. He can quick response, work and he is a gentleman. There was nothing that was giving me trouble. I could rely on him without feeling worried´╝Ä This app is worth more than price and 5 stars.

    N naon


  • Fully compatible

    Instantly connect across multiple platforms, expand your product to maximise your target audience
  • CustomiZe

    Change almost anything to integrate the chat into your product. Color? shape? layout? You name it. The chat has been designed to seamlessly merge with your app design and layout.
  • Save time and money

    ChatSDK is super easy to integrate with your project and is saves you a huge amount of research, development and outsourcing costs. 
  • 24/7 support

    Need some help? Advice? Get in touch and we'll work with you to get chatSDK running smoothly with your project
  • bespoke

    Got a specific project in mind? Get in touch to see how we can help get your project off the ground.
  • Features

    Text, location andimage messages all available. Custom profile, search functionsality, you name it and if we don't have it, you can be sure we're developing it.